APIG Gilchrist Connell Frank Earl Award


The APIG Gilchrist Connell Frank Earl Award is conferred on an individual who demonstrates excellence in the financial lines sector of the insurance industry and personifies the values synonymous with Frank Earl: HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY.

Submissions for the 2023 APIG Gilchrist Connell Frank Earl Award have now closed. The Award process is run biennially and will next be held in July 2025.

Award details

The winner of the APIG Gilchrist Connell Frank Earl Award will receive:

§  their name on the APIG Gilchrist Connell Frank Earl Award perpetual trophy (and a miniature version to keep)

§  credit towards attending a domestic or international conference to the value of AUD$6,000.

Nomination Criteria

The award is named for Frank Earl who was one of Australia's most highly regarded insurance brokers. It was established in 2010 and is presented biennially at the APIG National Conference.

Frank Earl personified HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY in his exemplary career. He considered these to be core characteristics fundamental not only to individual success but also to the industry.

The core criteria for evaluation of nominees will be their ability to show how they conduct themselves in their day-to-day work and more broadly as a participant in the industry in a manner which consistently reflects Frank Earl's three core values.

Nominees' overall professionalism in their service to the industry, including leadership, innovation and creativity, and commitment to continued professional development, further education and mentorship are all be considered.


Any participant in the financial lines sector of the insurance industry who is a current APIG member can make a nomination or be nominated for the award. This includes underwriters, brokers and claims personnel, from insurers and reinsurers, as well as consultants, advisers and lawyers, among others.

There are no restrictions on age, role or years of experience.

Nominations made by third parties will remain anonymous and self-nomination is permitted. Current APIG committee members and Gilchrist Connell staff are not eligible to apply.


All nominees will be contacted by APIG and asked to confirm their agreement to be considered for the Award. Submissions will then be assessed by an evaluation committee whose members include:

§  the APIG National President

§  the APIG Company Secretary

§  an APIG National Committee representative

§  a Gilchrist Connell representative.

The winner will be announced at the relevant APIG National Conference Gala Dinner.

Previous winners

Alison Percival - 2023

Lucinda Conlon - 2021

Jason Howard – 2018
Jane Pochon – 2016
Ewen McKay – 2013
Robert Beaton – 2011



APIG wishes to thank Gilchrist Connell for its generous support of the Frank Earl Award.